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So some of the posts out in t blog-o-sphere I thought were some great reads in the last week.  Take a look, give a read, and tell everyone what you think.  Presented here are some of the articles that I thought were interesting, useful, or just plain entertaining reading.

Devotional reading links from the Cult, in no particular order:

101 Centavos has a post on Redneck Dividends

Prairie Eco Thrifter had a great article on Personal Finance and Buddhism

Smart Family Finance had some great Q&A on Young Families and Financial Planning

Cents To Save redesigned the site, take a look and tell Lisa what you think

Your Finances Simplified had a listing of 10 ways to save money on car insurance

American Debt Project is interested in some Real Estate

In a peer-to-peer topic close to my heart, Money Q&A has posted an update on Lending Club and Lending Fees

Married with Debt has a fantastic piece on Lifestyle Design

Sam at Financial Samurai discusses what level of Income is Rich?

As others in the age group can attest, Graduating college without a job is rough.  Take a look at 20′s Finances for the article.

The Yakezie Carnival is up at The Amateur Financier, go take a look.  I even have a mention!


Readers, anything interesting that I missed?  Drop a link down in the comments to the articles that you thought were interesting, fantastic or helpful.  Feel free to post one of you own, assuming they meet the criteria!


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9 Responses to Sunday devotional links from the Cult

  1. Thanks for the mention! Keep up the great work!

  2. Hank says:

    Thanks for the mention. I appreciate it.

  3. Thanks for the mention. Good stuff here

  4. Thanks so much for the inclusion. I really appreciate it. Hope you had a great weekend.

  5. Thanks for the link up! I appreciate it!

  6. Hank Baxter says:

    Just a note, Karl, that under your “Categories,” the top category is misspelled. “Additoinal Income Opportunities” Wouldn’t mention it except that your writing is otherwise flawless. :)

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