getting a lawyerLife turns in unexpected ways.  One day you may be living your life as a model citizen, the next you may be under the scrutiny of the police.  Frighteningly enough, this can happen faster than you think possible.


John’s Life Changed In An Instant

Consider the case of John, a middle aged man driving to work on a snowy morning.  Impatient with the driver in front of him who was driving slowly, he attempted to pass.  However, there was another car coming in the opposite direction, which he did not see until it was too late.  With the snowy conditions,  John lost control when trying to brake and return to his own lane and killed the driver of the other car.  A 21 year old college student.

In a matter of seconds, John’s boring life had just turned tragic and he was facing prosecution.  The same can happen to anyone.  The one smart thing John did that day was to immediately hire a criminal defense attorney.

While his trial lasted months, he was eventually not convicted.  He didn’t serve prison time, but he did suffer from a gnawing guilt that still bothers him to this day.  He also faced a wrongful death civil lawsuit and lost a large chunk of money that way.


When You May Need A Criminal Defense Lawyer

There are many different situations when you may need a criminal defense lawyer.  Perhaps you go out with friends and have a few drinks.  You wait a decent amount of time before driving home, but still, you’re pulled over, and you fail the blood alcohol test.

You may be facing domestic abuse charges or theft or drug possession.  You may even be facing murder charges.

Just because you’re facing the charges doesn’t mean you actually committed the crime.  Unfortunately, many people are wrongfully imprisoned for crimes they didn’t commit.

Still, if you’re brought in for questioning, the best thing you can do before you answer any questions is to request an attorney.  The sooner you can get a lawyer involved to protect you and your best interests, the better.


What To Look for In a Criminal Defense Lawyer

The best lawyers have a high rate of success.  This success may be defined as winning the trial or avoiding the trial all together and achieving an outcome you’re happy with.

Another aspect to consider is the lawyer’s reputation.  Is he well known as an expert in his field?  Has he won honors and recognition?  The more recognition and the better the reputation, often the better it is for you personally.

In addition, you want a lawyer who will consider you and your own needs.  Do you have a substance abuse problem?  Were you charged for a crime you didn’t commit?

Finally, you will want a lawyer who has plenty of resources to tap to do everything in his power to get you off.

Facing a criminal charge can be a scary, life altering situation.  However, with the right lawyer, you can face one of the darkest periods of your life with confidence.

Have you ever needed a lawyer?

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2 Responses to Understanding When You Could Need a Lawyer

  1. These are really helpful tips. Sometime we are unaware when we can use a lawyer and get benefit from it. Thanks!

  2. Michelle says:

    We’ve never seriously needed a lawyer. We did get a lawyer once for a ridiculous speeding ticket though and we won. The police officer claimed that we were going 5 mph over the speed limit by using his SIGHT. He didn’t even use a radar.

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