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More and more people are shopping online, and as their numbers grow, more and more online promo code sites are springing up.  If you’re already an avid couponer, you know that promo code sites can be an invaluable way to save money each and every time you make a purchase online.  However, not all sites are created equal.

Just as you likely have preferred sources of coupons such as the Red Plum ads in the Sunday newspaper or the high value coupons in All You, you also likely have promo code sites that you love.  One that you may love (or will soon grow to love if you don’t already) is


What You’ll Love about Coupon Chief is a couponer’s dream site.  Not only do users get to create a profile and leave comments detailing their experience using the coupon, but users get to rate the coupon promo code to let others know if the code worked for them.  For instance, one coupon for Amazon right now boasts a 99% success rate.  Even better, unlike other sites, CouponChief removes the coupons when they’re expired, so you don’t have to waste time shuffling through coupon codes that are no longer even valid.


Other Reasons Why You’ll Love Coupon Chief

Get updates when new coupons are available.  Do you love to shop on Amazon?  You can simply set up alerts so every time there is a new Amazon code posted, you’ll be notified via e-mail.  You can also set up alerts for coupons in a particular category, such as “back2school” or “jewelry”.

Earn money from CouponChief.  Are you good at scouting out the latest coupon?  Then you’ll love CouponChief not only for the money savings but because you also have the potential to earn money.  If you share a code on CouponChief, you’ll get 2% of the total purchase price of the items someone buys when using your code.  This amount is capped at $25 per month per coupon code, but if you just share 4 promo codes a month, you have the potential to earn $100.  How great is that?

If you’re a savvy coupon user, you’ll likely want to add CouponChief to your repertoire of money saving coupon sites.  Not only can you save a significant amount of money using CouponChief, but you also have the potential to earn some extra cash if you share your couponing skills with others by sharing promo codes.

Do you include online coupon sites in your coupon rituals?

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