make timeThere are many advantages to starting a side business. You can earn more money to save, pay off debt, or spend on fun things like vacation. You can also turn your side hustle into an actual business allowing you to quit a job you hate and pursue a career you love.

But first, you have to find time work on your side business.

I like to consider myself pretty savvy when it comes to side hustles. Even though I am planning on making the switch to becoming a full time writer and blogger – or as I like to call it, internet entrepreneur, I am still working a day job and working my hustles on the side.

I spend a good bit of time each week working on my extra income avenues and in return I am rewarded. In fact, over the past two months my side hustles have brought me in more money than my day job.

If you have been racking your brain on how you can pull off working a 9-5, take care of a family, and work on side income, I’m here to show you how it’s done.

Here is everything you need to know to make time for your side hustles.


Create Dedicated Slots of Time

The first and most important step in creating time for your side business is to eliminate time wasters and rededicate that “dead time” to your side hustles.

This isn’t rocket science. Let me explain.

In the past I watched TV and just “relaxed” for 2-3 hours after my kids went to sleep. This was essentially just dead time. When I decided to get serious about pursuing a side business I knew this was the only block of time I would have to work in an interruption free environment.

This 2-3 hours each night is now devoted to writing, reading, and doing anything and everything to work on my business. In addition, there are also several mornings that I have no choice but to wake up early and finish my work.

Clearly define when you will work on your side hustles and commit to the plan. Keep the TV turned off and completely clear your mind of any distractions. You will have to sacrifice relaxation time and probably a little sleep as well, but if you’re serious about starting a side hustle this has to be done.


Apply the 80/20 Rule

The Pareto Principle states that 20 percent of what you do will bring 80 percent of the results. You may have a laundry list of task you think you need to do. In reality only about 20 percent of those tasks are bringing you any results. The rest is simply busy work.

Identify which tasks actually contribute to the success of your side hustle. Eliminate or outsource everything else. By using the 80/20 rule you will see your business success skyrocket and you will become a productive person. You’ll also have a lot less work to cram into your 2-3 hour time slot.

For example, for me the most important tasks are finding new clients (marketing) and completing the assignments I already have. Even though there are other things I think I should be doing those things really don’t bring me any results.


Make a List

Now that you know which tasks are the most beneficial to your side hustle you need to make a list. Depending on how much time you’ve decided to devote to your new business your list could be daily, weekly, or monthly.

List only the crucial tasks and order them from the most important to the least important. Start with the biggest, hardest task and work your way down the list.

I make a daily list. This is what it might look like:

  • Write Blog Post for Client
  • Write Article for Client
  • Email at Least 10 New Prospects
  • Apply to 3 Job Board Ads
  • Comment on Other Blogs

Of course, this list is pretty generic but this is the gist of what I try to do daily. Even though sometimes I fail, I try to start my side hustle time by doing the most time consuming and difficult tasks. After those are completed everything else comes much easier. Plus it feels so good to cross that big item off your list!


Rinse and Repeat

If you can identify and free up your wasted time and commit to using that time for your side business you’ll find success quickly. Before long you’ll be able to identify even more dead time than can be rededicated to more important and productive activities.

By creating slots of time, only working on the most important tasks, and working with a list you’ll be able to find plenty of time to work on your side hustle. Sacrifice and discipline may be involved but it’s definitely worth it in the end.

What tips and tricks do you have to make time for your side hustle?

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2 Responses to How to Make Time for a Side Hustle

  1. Dear Debt says:

    Great post! I feel like I can’t keep up, so this was helpful. I want to be making more money from the internet as well.

  2. Definitely agree the hardest part is finding the time.

    The hardest part is giving up that bit of down time to focus on your side business, but the time has to come from somewhere.

    I typically compromise by alternating days. Every other day or two I still “waste” time relaxing, but knowing how important it is for me to have downtime, I know it makes me that much better when I focus back on work.

    What I really need to do is set up a treadmill desk, so I can work while I’m exercising, or vice versa. That would free up a fair chunk of time as well, not to mention un-chunking my waistline!

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