heating billThe cold weather is drifting in and we are quickly approaching those rigid winter months. Last year, at the peak of winter, I was faced with electric bills hovering near $500 per month. That was $500 to heat a 900 square foot trailer!

Needless to say I spent countless hours researching the best ways to save on electric bills, or more importantly, the cost of heating a trailer.

If you’re interested in getting a head start on winterizing your home here are 7 tips that’ll help you save on your heating bill this winter.


Make Sure Your Home Is Properly Insulated

The culprit of my sky high heat bills was due to the poor insulation in the trailer. When I bought the trailer the ceiling was in poor condition and had to be re-drywalled. When the old ceiling was torn down so was a good part of the insulation. Come to find out no new insulation was put up before the ceiling was redone, cue the outrageous heating bills.

If your home is lacking insulation then your heat bills will be high, really high. The number one thing you can do to save money on your heating bill is to make sure your home is properly insulated. If not, you need to fix it. The sooner the better.


Put Up Plastic Around the Windows

One tiny little air crack in your windows can lead to a whole lot of heat loss. If you have older windows it’s probably a wise idea to go ahead and put plastic up around them.

Winterizing your windows is actually pretty simple. All you need to do is purchase a window kit from a store like Walmart and follow the directions on the kit. You can also take it a step further and caulk any gaps around your window.


Stop Leaks Around Doors

Once you have the window leaks under control you should concentrate on the doors. You can buy mats to place at the bottom of your door that will prevent cold air from leaking in and warm air from leaking out.

I even went a step further last year and placed clear tape all around the doors. It wasn’t the most attractive thing in the world but I was bound and determined to get my electric bill under control.


Use an Infrared Heater

Using a space heater can drastically help reduce those heating costs and keep your home a bit more warm and cozy. I’m not talking the old school space heaters that could catch your home on fire. I’m talking about the newer infrared space heaters.

My dad ended up buying me an infrared space heater last year to try and help me cut my heating costs, and it worked! The infrared heaters automatically shut off if they’re tipped over or get too hot. You can also adjust the temperature and they are very cheap to run.

I used my infrared space heater to heat my bedroom last winter and the room actually got warm enough for me to sleep at night.


Turn Down the Thermostat While Away

Another tip I reluctantly tried was turning down my thermostat when I was away at work. I hated coming home to a super chilly home so I probably didn’t turn the temperature down as much as I could have.

You can save up 15 percent on your heating bill just by turning the thermostat down by 10 degrees when you aren’t home.


Prevent the Chimney From Leaking Air

Believe it or not my trailer came equipped with a fireplace and subsequently, a chimney. The fireplace has never been used and I’ve completely sealed it off.

Chimneys are notorious for leaking air. I went the extra step and not only had a glass door over the fireplace but also put the plastic from a window kit around the glass door for extra protection.


Only Heat Rooms You Use

Last winter I completely turned off the heat in the second bathroom and also in my daughters’ room when they were away at their Dad’s house.

I figured there was really no point in heating rooms that weren’t going to be in use. I closed the vents and the doors to these rooms.


It Adds Up

From my experience the single biggest factor in those sky high heating bills is a lack of insulation. Once that’s under control there are several other small changes you can make to save money on your heating bill.

Alone they may not seem to add up to anything remarkable. However, several small actions can add up to some pretty significant savings on your heating bill.

What do you think are the best ways to save on the cost of heating?

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2 Responses to 7 Ways to Save Money on Your Heating Bill

  1. Our winters are mild in Central Florida, but the summers can be brutal on the AC bill. We have upgraded our insulation and are going to purchase a new central AC unit next spring. That will decrease our AC bills too.

  2. Brent says:

    I picked up a Nest thermostat this year and it will be interesting to see if I get a return on my investment (those things aren’t cheap!) when it comes to the cost savings over time. Jury’s still out but the thing looks awesome on the wall!

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