small businessIn today’s economy budgets are tight. Small businesses have less capital and consumers have less cash to spend on products. Small business owners need to continually look for ways to cut costs and improve their bottom line.

With some research and a little hard work you can cut costs for your small business and use your money in the areas that really matter. Here are five easy ways to save money for your small business.


Take Advantage of Free Marketing

As a small business owner you have access to all kinds of free and powerful marketing methods.

Take social media for example. If you consistently work on your social media channels you can draw thousands of eyes on your business. Social media doesn’t cost you anything other than your time. Figure out which social media channel your customers hang out on and join the conversation.

If you don’t think your customers are hanging out online partner with another business and split the costs of a direct mailing campaign. You could also offer a customer appreciation day or a special discount to bring in more business.


Switch Merchant Providers

Fees charged by merchant providers can quickly cut into your bottom line. It’s important that you review your service agreement annually and switch providers when necessary.

Shaving off even a portion of the fees your current merchant service provider charges can save you a substantial amount of money over the long run.


Create a Business Budget

A common occurrence among new small business owners is not creating and implementing a business budget. You need to track your business finances just as you do your personal finances.

Set up a budget and tell your money where to go. By doing this you’ll realize which areas you can cut back on and you’ll be able to run your business more efficiently.


Use Subcontractors

When you factor in all the taxes and benefits you have to provide full time employees using subcontractors can make much more sense financially.

You can sub out things such as customer service, marketing, sales, and even more. If absorbing the costs of hiring employees is starting to drain your funds hiring subcontractors can be an option to keep your business afloat.


Be Aware of Discounts

Many vendors offer huge discounts on merchandise and freight if you purchase a large order. Contact all the vendors you work with and ask about their discount programs.

You might be able to save as much as 50 percent by simply ordering a larger quantity of products that you regularly use.


Final Thoughts

As a small business owner it’s important that you’re always evaluating your costs. If you look hard enough you should be able to find at least a few ways your business can save a good portion of money.

Once you find those savings make them work for you. Put your money in the areas that will bring more profit and success to your small business.

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