Home Based BusinessI made the transition from full time employee to full time home based business owner in October of 2013. This, of course, didn’t come easily. I spent countless hours working on my business and just hoping that my hard work would pay off. Eventually it did.

However, I am pretty confident that if this girl, with no college degree or fancy education can do it, that you can too.

Here are the steps I took to create my own home based business.

Come Up With An Idea

My first step in the process of starting a home based business was coming up with an idea. Initially I thought I could create a blog for other single mothers like me and that the money would start rolling in. I was wrong.

Luckily my new blog did give me the catalyst to come up with other ideas and served as platform for public accountability. I started documenting my ideas and testing my strategies. By fate I came up with the idea of writing for other blogs and finally started pulling in a small income.

I soon landed a few gigs writing for other blogs. I then expanded my idea a little bit. I loved blogging and marketing online so much that I offered to help a family business get found online.

A year in and I have three sources of income from my home based business.

  • My blog.
  • Freelance writing.
  • Helping local business owners with online marketing.

I could even concentrate on going all in on one of these but for now I like the diversity of my work.

Your first step in building a home based business is coming up with an idea. It doesn’t have to be perfect, you just have to get started.

Let People Know

After coming up with my ideas I let people know I was for hire. I threw up a “hire me” tab on my blog and started emailing blog owners who had blogs I enjoyed reading. I also spread the word to my friends and family and did all I could to get my name out there.

After a little bit of advertising myself I had a couple clients find me through my blog – which was pretty exciting.

I had to face my fears. I sent out several emails to blog owners and was rejected several times. At first the rejections really stung but I preserved anyway and with time they didn’t bother me so much.

You have to let people know about your business offerings. Look fear in the face and just do it. You’ll never find clients if they don’t know you exist.

Save Some Money

Before I quit my full time job I wanted to have an emergency fund with $10,000 dollars in it. This would cover about six months of my expenses.

I only got to around $8,000 before quitting. Luckily, I haven’t had to get into my emergency fund yet. I’ve made just enough money to cover the bills so far. But I know there are many others who have had to rely on savings during those rough months.

As you build your own business be sure to sock away as much money as possible.

Work Really Hard

Every time I landed a new client I would work really hard on my first assignment. I wanted them to know that they made the right choice and that I wouldn’t let them down.

I’m not going to sugar coat it. It takes a lot of work to build a home based business. As a single mother with two preschool aged kids and a full time job I can attest to the fact that there were many nights that I stayed up until 2:30 in the morning to get my work done.

All my sacrifice and sleepless nights paid off. Now I get to be my own boss and do work that I enjoy doing. If I can do it you can do it, too.

Follow your dreams and work hard. You’ll get there.

Do You Have Any Intentions of Starting a Home Based Business?

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