save money on energy drinksYou wake up tired and groggy. You head to the kitchen. What do you grab – a cup of coffee or an energy drink?

It seems that more and more people are switching to energy drinks these days. They’re a quick solution and in my opinion, taste much better than a cup of coffee.

In fact, it seems as though my family and friends have jumped on the energy drink bandwagon. (Okay, maybe I did a little bit too……………)

But there’s one big problem with energy drink: they are very expensive!

Here’s How it started

My boyfriend works for the State doing highway maintenance. In the winter season he works anywhere from 50-80 hours per week plowing snow.

And since many days go by where he’s running on two or three hours of sleep he turned to energy drinks. Not just one per day but an excess of 2 or 3 per night so that he didn’t fall asleep while plowing snow.

He agreed that he would he kick the energy drink habit once winter was over but it didn’t quite work out that way.

Instead he keeps a refrigerator stocked full of the things. Since they’re always around I usually drink one in the morning (I hate coffee) and my brother has recently picked up the habit too!

The big problem with this is that if you’re not careful you can easily spend anywhere from $30-$50 a week on these things!

Yes, they are that expensive!

So in order to save the most money possible I’ve done plenty of comparison shopping over the past several months.

If you’re in the same boat and want to save money on energy drinks here’s what you should and shouldn’t do!

Don’t: Buy From Amazon

I recently had some Amazon credits I needed to use up so I thought what better way is there to save than buy energy drinks from Amazon?

Amazon has the highest prices on energy drinks that I’ve ever seen – anywhere.

For instance right now they have 12 packs of Monster Energy drinks for $21.57. That’s almost $2 per can. (And that’s their cheap price.) You could do better at a gas station!!

A 10 pack is normally priced at $12.99 at my local Kroger store.

Don’t: Buy From Gas Stations

Right after Amazon the next worst place to buy energy drinks is from gas station.

I know how tempting it can be to stop by a gas station each morning and grab a couple drinks but it’s a total money suck.

Gas station prices will be almost twice as high as buying in bulk.

Do: Buy in Bulk from Sam’s Club

As far as name brand energy drinks go, Sam’s Club has the best price I’ve seen.

You can buy a 24 pack of the Monster brand for $30. This works out to $1.25 per can. And since Sam’s Club often offers instant savings on Monster Energy Drinks you can stock up when these are as low as $1 per can.

When you go to Sam’s Club stock up. It will prevent you from buying from gas stations.

Do: Buy a Generic Brand

Store brand energy drinks are almost always $1 a piece with occasional promotions at 2/$1. That’s a price you’re not going to beat.

Try out some generic brands. When you find one you like stock up during a sale.

Do: Stock Up During Grocery Store Sales

I think a lot of people don’t recognize that grocery stores can have some of the best sales on these things.

For instance my Kroger often runs sales on the four packs and ten packs. When there is a really good sale their prices often beat Sam’s Club.

Check the energy drink aisle for sales when you’re grocery shopping.

Do: Use Coupons

Since I’m a loyal Kroger customer they send me coupons tailored to my purchases each month.

I usually receive a $1.25 off a 4 pack coupon which I use in conjunction with a sale to sweeten the deal.

You should also check coupon inserts out of your newspaper and the manufacturers websites for coupons.

Final Thoughts

I’m not here to argue whether energy drinks are healthy or not.

There are some people (like me) who would much rather drink an energy drink in the morning instead of a cup of coffee.

So if you’re looking for a way to save on your energy drink habit these tips will help!

What’s your vice: energy drinks or coffee? How do you save?

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