late on rentIt happened.

You had more month than you did money. After some unexpected expenses popped up you’re now late on your rent. Yikes.

You’ve only got a couple days to come up with the rest of your rent money. You need to make money fast.

Here’s what to do.

Sell Your Sh*t on Facebook Yard Sales

Selling online can sometimes take days – especially if you’re trying to unload your junk on eBay or Amazon. Fortunately this isn’t the case with Facebook Yard Sales.

In fact everything I’ve ever put up for sale on Facebook Yard Sales has sold within hours, not days. So go through your stuff determine what you want to sell and join a yard sale group on Facebook. (I use my county’s yard sale page.)

Upload a picture, price, and description of your items to the yard sale page and watch the comments come pouring in. Within a few hours you’ll have someone at your door handing you cash for your old stuff.

Take Your Change to the Bank

Have you been saving your spare change for something special? If so, I’ve got news for you: being late on rent is your something special. In fact, you should consider it an emergency.

Go to your bank or to a coin star machine and cash all of your change in.

Clean Your Family Members’ Homes

Are you close with your family? Are they busy? Too busy to regularly clean their house?

If so, step in. You don’t have to tell your family that you’re late on rent. After all, you’re not looking for charity. You just need to handle your business.

Contact some of your family members and tell them you’re starting a side business cleaning houses and offer to clean theirs.

You should be able to easily charge $50 per house, maybe more, so calculate how many houses you need to clean to make up the difference in your rent.

Sell Your Clothes to a Second Hand Store

Forget consignment shops that pay when your clothes sell. You need money now.

Round up all of the clothes you no longer want or need and take them to a place like Plato’s closet (or Once Upon a Child for kids clothes) that will buy your old clothes from you then and there.

Don’t forget to bring in unwanted purses and shoes too.

Ask for an Advance on Your Paycheck

If you’re on good terms with your boss ask for an advance on your paycheck. This way you can go ahead and pay your landlord and just receive a smaller payday.

If you think asking for an advance could put your job in jeopardy, don’t do it.

Cash in Your Credit Card Rewards

Have credit rewards? Take online surveys? Have small amounts of cash sitting in random accounts online?

Cash them all out. At this point every dollar counts.

Trade in your credit card rewards for PayPal credits, cash out any online survey money, and anything else you have sitting around.

Barter with Your Landlord

Did none of the above options yield results for you? If so, you’re running out of choices.

One thing you can try is to barter with your landlord. Let’s say you’re two hundred dollars short on rent. What services could you offer to make up for this?

Could you paint, clean or do yard work in other rentals your landlord owns? Could you fix things around your apartment?

You might be able to find something to trade. If this is your last option just call and ask. Just make sure this isn’t a regular occurrence thought.

Now Pay Your Rent

You can come up with the extra money you need if you’re creative.

Look for ways to make money today and over the next few months start putting every extra dollar you have into a savings account. This way you’ll have money to fall back on the next time.

What other ways can you make money fast?

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