wedding planningPlanning a wedding can be a stressful, time-consuming, and expensive process. With so many small and large details to consider, it is really easy to become a frazzled bridezilla. And if you are struggling to keep to your budget, it can be even harder to keep a level head and actually enjoy the planning process.

Continue reading for a few helpful tips that will show you how you can plan a wedding on a budget and still get everything you always dreamed of for your big day. Here are four popular ones, but check out this list of 101 Ways To Save Money On A Wedding for even more inspiration.

Purchase a Used Gown

Yes, you read that right. There are actually many shops and online stores, as well as former brides, that offer used bridal gowns for sale. Some of these gowns are beautiful designer dresses while others are simply gowns that are just as lovely even though they are not couture. No matter what, second hand wedding dresses will be much more affordable than brand new gowns. And if you find a dress that is already cut and fitted to your body, then you will have one less thing to worry about in terms of getting it fitted multiple times to get it just right.

Buy the Right Flowers

Choosing the right flowers can make a world of difference in terms of how much you can save. Certain varieties are much more expensive than others. Also, if you purchase flowers that are in season, you can save a lot of money.

When working with your florist, have a running total as you add flowers to the mix. As the price gets higher, ask the florist if there are any changes you can make. Can you swap out one variety of flowers for another that is just as beautiful, or would you be able to go with silk flowers instead of real flowers for centrepieces? You may be surprised by the many ways you can cut corners while still getting beautiful floral arrangements for your big event.

Choose a Daytime Reception

Daytime receptions are much more affordable than evening receptions. Plus, with a daytime party, everyone gets to celebrate throughout the day and head back home early, which is really convenient if you are planning your wedding on a weekday or on a Sunday, as people will have to head to work the next day.

Book Your Entertainment and Photographer Together

Companies that offer a multitude of services, such as DJ or band services along with photo and video, can be a lot more affordable than hiring all of these professionals separately. Because you are purchasing several services in the form of a package deal, you can get the professionals you need at a rate you are comfortable with.

There are so many ways to plan a wedding on a budget, but a lot of brides have no idea how they can save money while getting what they want. From second hand wedding dresses to choosing the right reception time, if you are smart about your planning, you can stick to your budget more easily.

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