save on groceriesFor many looking to save money grocery budgets are a great place to start. This is because it takes minimal effort to save on food. You don’t have to call anyone and hassle for better rates, you simply shop smarter.

If you’re in the process of revamping your grocery budget here are seven tried and true ways you can easily save on groceries.

Buy Store Brands

If you’re like me and have no interest in clipping coupons buying off brand items can be your solution.

For instance, I’m a Kroger shopper. Almost all of my canned goods, staples such as sugar and flour, and condiments are the store brand. To me these taste just as good if not better than the big brands and they’re a lot cheaper too.

If you’re currently brand loyal to the big names slowly ease your way into switching to store brands. Figure out which products you like and which you don’t.

Only Purchase Non Perishables & Staples in Bulk

You’ll see a lot of savings advice advising you to purchase your groceries in bulk but this is not always a great idea. You should only buy items in bulk if you’re absolutely sure that you’ll use them before they expire.

If in doubt don’t buy in bulk. The food that goes to waste is just that – a waste.

Also be sure to check the prices on buying in bulk verses buying individually. Sometimes you can get a great deal and other times it’s more cost efficient not to buy in bulk.

Clear Your Pantry Every Couple of Months

I like to challenge my several every couple of months to clear out my pantry. More often than not I buy food and then end up never preparing it.

A great way to combat this is to “shop” from your pantry until you’re out of food options.

If there are leftover items that you or your family aren’t going to eat get rid of them. There’s no need storing products that you’ll never use.

Shop with a List

Before heading into the grocery store make a list of everything you need to purchase. Then go through the store grabbing only what’s on the list.

When you shop with a list you can be intentional about the items you purchase and how much money you spend.

Make a Menu Plan

One thing I’ve always had trouble grasping is stick to a menu plan. So instead of being super detailed with what my family will eat on a weekly basis I instead keep several meals that everyone enjoys on hand.

This way I have plenty of options to fall back on when I’m running low on time or creativity.

If you want to go the more organized route try planning your family’s meals for a week or two and see how it goes.

By planning and having staples to fall back on you’ll be less likely to turn to take out for dinner.

Be Repetitive in Your Food Choices

One those that makes menu planning and grocery shopping simple is to be repetitive in your food choices. By buying the same types of food on a consistent basis you’ll be able to scout out the lowest prices and stock up on those items.

Grow a Garden

I’ve grown a garden the past two years that has tremendously helped my grocery budget.

When you start your garden early and are able to grow your plants from seeds you’ll spend very little in startup costs. And the good thing is that growing vegetables is a pretty straightforward process.

Since fresh vegetables are expensive at the grocery store you’ll save yourself a substantial amount of money by doing this one thing.


There are several smart ways to lower your grocery budget without every laying a hand on coupons. Implement a few of these ideas to see which are the most effective for you.

What’s your best money saving grocery tip?

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