Dollar TreeAbout a year ago a Dollar Tree was built in my town. I’ve always had the misconception that the Dollar Tree was just filled with junk. Then I shopped there.

I was completely blown away by some of the items I’ve found. In fact, I think it’s one of the most underrated stores around.

If you’ve avoided the Dollar Tree because you assumed it was filled with trash I assure you it’s not. Here are eight things I purchase regularly at the Dollar Store. (And yes, everything is only one dollar!)

Kid’s Cold Medicine

For the past five years I’ve been paying anywhere from $5-$10 for kid’s cold medicines. And since it seems that one of my daughters always has a runny nose I’ve went through quite a few bottles.

A few months ago I was browsing the Dollar Tree and found the same size kids’ Triaminic cold medicine that I normally purchase for $7.

That’s six dollars’ worth of savings for every bottle I buy. A pretty darn good deal in my book.

Party Supplies

If you’ve ever thrown a kid’s party then you know how quickly expenses can add up. Party prices aren’t nearly as bad when you’re paying a $1 an item though.

You can get everything from helium balloons, to plates, napkins, and cups, to goody bags, candy and costumes. The party section at the Dollar Tree is pretty freaking awesome.

School Supplies

I’ve bought coloring books, crayons, markers, and sticker packs at the Dollar Tree. On top of these items there are also flash cards, books, and other supplies.

These are great for anyone who’s shopping on tight budget or who’s homeschooling their children.


I’ve always been the type to buy generic medicine. After all, it contains the same exact ingredients as the name brands do.

I also get headaches several times of week and probably take more over the counter pain medicine than I should. The Dollar Tree is a great place to stock up on these types of items.


My daughter has started Kindergarten this year and since she started she’s had an on again off again cold.

I purchased a six pack of Barbie tissues for her to keep in her backpack. It’s nice to be able to toss them in there and know she’s covered when riding the bus.

Kid’s Shampoo

Let’s be real. No kid’s shampoo is special. I’ve tried many brands and they’re all the same. So instead of splurging on $4 bottles of shampoo I opt to pay $1.

Some Snacks

Now granted, the food section at the Dollar Tree isn’t amazing but I have been able to find a few snack items my kids like.

These have been mostly crackers and cheese and other kid’s snacks.

Sparkling Grape Juice

Every once in a while my kids and I sit down for a “fancy dinner.” They get to use plastic wine glasses (also from the Dollar Tree) and drink sparkling grape juice.

The bottles are smaller than what you would get at a regular grocery store but they’re the perfect size for what we need. Plus, at one fourth of the price it still adds up to a great deal.

What About You?

Everything at the Dollar Tree isn’t a great deal. But if you’re willing to take your time and look around I assure that you’ll find some of the items you regularly use at a fraction of the price!

Do you shop at the Dollar Tree? If so, what kinds of good deals have you found?

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