The Five Dumbest Ways I've Wasted Money. I write a lot about personal finance. And while I try my hardest to dish out only financial advice that I actually follow myself, sometimes I fail.

Now didn’t get me wrong, there’s a lot that I do to keep my personal finances in track and then there are those things I slip up on but never tell you about.

So today I thought I’d humanize myself a little more and tell you all about the major personal financial fails I’ve had or still do commit.

You ready?

# 1 – Buying a Crap Load of Amazon Instant Videos

When I first got divorced a little over two years ago I went on a complete TV fast. I may have watched a combination of ten shows and movies over the span of a year and a half. Instead I was too busy working my butt off.

Then one day I realized I had access to Amazon Prime and could therefore watch free movies. I was hooked. I very quickly watched all the free horror movies I could. Then I ran out.

Being a horror movie junkie I started renting all kinds of movies at $3-$4 a pop. Sometimes literally paying $20 or more a week in these rentals. It got out of control.

I’ve now cut way back to about one movie every other week. (But sometimes I fall of the band wagon!)

# 2 – Buying Too Many Kindle Books

I’m sensing a little instant gratification problem as I write this list………

I’m an avid reader. A total bookworm. And the Kindle has made that a problem for me. Instead of having to make a trip to the library or order a book and wait for it to come to me, I can just click a button and have new reading material.

To try and curb this impulse I’ve been checking the daily free eBook lists and not allowing myself to purchase a new book before completely reading the one that I’m on.

# 3 – Maxing Out a Credit Card and Then Not Remembering What I Bought

This happened ten years ago when I was eighteen. I remember being so excited to get credit card offers. I thought this was my passage into adulthood.

So of course I accepted every credit card offer that came my way. (Thank God they all had small credit limits!)

I then went to max out a $1,500 credit card in a couple of weeks and I couldn’t tell you what I bought.

# 4 – Buying Furniture From Rent-a-Center

This almost makes me laugh out loud now. Seriously, what I was thinking?!

But I did it. Right after getting married (age 20) I decided our hand me down furniture wasn’t good enough so I went to Rent-a-Center and picked out a full furniture set.

I’m thinking that through the payments I ended up spending more than triple of what the furniture would’ve cost outright. Although, now that I have some bargain shopping skills I’m convinced I paid quadruple.

Rent to own furniture places have to be the biggest scams I’ve ever seen. If I could advise young adults not to do one thing it’d probably be this.

And the Dumbest Way I’ve Ever Wasted Money Is…………..

Loaning a friend $500 when I was about 90% sure I’d never see that money back.

In fact, that’s the not the only time I’ve been stiffed on a loan. But I’ve got to say it was a huge learning experience for me and for that I wouldn’t take it back.

A lot of my big money mistakes have taught me what not to do. And there’s no better way to learn than to have hands on experience. (Or so I tell myself…..)

What about you? What’s the dumbest way you’ve ever wasted money?

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