cut vehicle expensesWhether you realize it or not, your car can cost you a lot of money in several sneaky little ways.

If you’re trying to minimize your spending, transportation is one area that you shouldn’t overlook. If you concentrate on these four things you’ll be able to easily spend less money on your vehicle!

Optimize Your Gas Mileage

It’s no secret that over the last ten years gas has become insanely expensive. Gas prices are actually dropping a bit now in my area but they are still far more than I’d like to pay!

To save money on gas you need to optimize your gas mileage. Here are a few things to try:

  • Combine Trips
  • Don’t Let Your Gas Gauge Drop Below a Quarter of a Tank
  • Don’t Transport Heavy Items in Your Car

Get Better Financing

Another thing that kills transportation costs is not having the right loan.

The lower your interest rate the better. The shorter the term of your loan the less you’ll be paying overall and you’ll also pay less in interest. If you think you can get a better loan somewhere else then do it! If you have less than perfect credit you can give Money Barn a try.

Keep Up with Regular Maintenance

Regular maintenance like changing your oil every three thousand miles, giving your vehicle a tune up and fixing problems as soon as they occur, will help keep your car in running condition much longer.

The longer you can keep your current car the more money you will save over the long haul!

Cut Car Insurance Costs

When I say cut car insurance costs I mean look for a better price – not cut your insurance coverage. As an ex car insurance agent I can tell you that you need to have GOOD car insurance coverage.

Call an agent and have them quote your policy with multiple companies without changing your coverage’s (unless you need to increase them!) That is the best way to save on car insurance.


Keeping your vehicle costs down doesn’t take a ton of time or effort. In fact, if you schedule these simple tips in on a calendar you’ll see just how easy it is cut back those car expenses!

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