Do you want to find a good work from home job? I've been working from home for almost two years now. Here's my advice to you.Here recently I’ve been asked over and over how to find a legit work from home job. I think most people expect an easy answer – just do this one thing, work two hours a week, and you can make a couple grand a month.

But it doesn’t work like that.

Finding a good work from home job, with decent pay, that you actually enjoy, requires a lot of upfront work and a lot of ongoing work.

There’s no trick to finding a good work from home job. In fact, it’s quite similar to finding a day job only you (mostly) communicate through email with the occasional phone or Skype call.

For those of you willing to put in the work here’s how I suggest you find a work from home job.

Marry a Like and a Skill

All over the internet there’s this big lie that you have to be passionate about what you do to earn money. It’s not true.

Let’s be real, a lot the time passions don’t pay the bills. I know people who are passionate about video games, hunting, and shopping. Are those passions alone going to earn them money? I don’t think so.

Instead of focusing so much on what you’re passionate about you need to pick something that you like and something that you are good at. (Or can get better at.)

When I first started working from home I was good at personal lines insurance. I had been working as an insurance agent and knew everything under the sun about home and auto insurance. I liked writing.

I combined those two and ended up writing for insurance marketing companies.

Then I started to enjoy blogging about personal finance. I knew WordPress well (a blogging platform) and over the years had gotten better at online marketing. Now I’m helping run more than ten personal finance blogs.

Another warning about choosing a passion – you can’t be objective. If you’re caught up in a passion are you going to be able to be honest with yourself if your work sucks or if no one else is interested in it? No – you’re too emotionally invested, which is a horrible business move.

Find the Job Yourself

When I first started trying to get work from home jobs I’d look on job boards. For me, big mistake.

The better thing to do is go out and find jobs yourself. Figure out who you want to work for then start sending emails and making calls.

You’ll have a much higher success rate by scouting out clients yourself.

Undersell and Over Deliver

I think one of the biggest mistakes people make is overselling themselves and then under delivering. Don’t set unrealistic expectations with your potential clients.

For instance, if I hired a writer who said they were a “wordsmith” I’d expect their writing to be top notch. I’d expect a ton of people to want to read what they have to write. And what happens when no one clicks over to read their blog posts? I’d be disappointed.

If you want to make an impression on your clients then undersell yourself and over deliver. For instance, you can set a two week deadline and turn your assignment in a week early. You can throw in extra services with whatever you’re doing.

Never oversell yourself!

Keep Evolving

Your work from home business idea will evolve with time. That’s a good thing!

You have to keep moving forward, experiment, and tweaking as you go until you find your sweet spot.

That kind of goes along with one of my favorite quotes – “If you always do what you always done you’ll always get what you always got.”

It takes time to create a profitable work from home job or business but if you’re proactive, stay consistent, and constantly tweak your idea and methods you’ll eventually get to where you want to be!

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