Living a more natural lifestyle is not only good for you and the environment but it can save you a lot of money. Here are six things you can do to get started.One of my main goals for 2015 is to waste less. I want to waste less of all of my resources – money, food, etc.

I’ve come to the conclusion that one way for me to be more intentional with my money is to live a more natural life. Instead of spending money on materialistic items to instead go back to my roots and try to make do with what I have.

Here are some ways I’ll be trying to live more naturally to save money.

Making My Own Cleaners

I started experimenting with making my own cleaners about a month ago when I noticed this awful smell coming from my bathroom sink. I started researching and the solution ended up being baking soda and vinegar.

After seeing how this combination worked so well I started cleaning my toilets with it too! I still have quite the stash of commercial cleaners I need to use before I go all natural. But this will happen in 2015.

Skipping All Fast Food

The only reason I ever eat fast food is for convenience. I’m not eating it because I crave it. I eat it when I get lazy.

I’ve went entire months without eating any fast food and I’d like to ban myself from going through drive thru’s altogether for 2015. Home cooked meals taste so much better and are healthier too. I plan on staying on top of my menu plan to make this one a reality.

Expanding my Garden

Last year I planted tomatoes, bell peppers, and cucumbers. Basically all the vegetables that I knew would get consumed very quickly. This year I’d like to expand to many other vegetables and even grow extras so that I can can them.

My Dad owns a greenhouse and I get all my supplies free so there’s really no reason not to expand the garden this year.

Buying Meat Locally

A family friend buys a whole cow every year from a local butcher. Her family never eats all the meat before they get a new cow the next year. Therefore, I’m always gifted with a whole lot of fresh beef.

If I run out I’d like to buy a half a cow instead of buying meat from the grocers. If not, I’ll gladly take the beef hand me downs.

Buying Farm Fresh Eggs

I’ve actually done this for a long time and will continue to do this in 2015.

My family goes through a lot of eggs and we always get those from a local farmer. There’s nothing better than a farm fresh egg!

Only Buying Secondhand Clothing

I have more than enough when it comes to clothes. There’s really no reason why I’d need to buy anything clothing wise.

However, I do have two little girls who grow out of their clothes at an alarming rate! For them I’ll be buying only secondhand clothes. (I like to use ThredUp, an online consignment shop.) Luckily, my aunt usually goes to a huge yard sale every year and comes back with a couple trash bags of extremely nice clothes for my girls.

What I Won’t Be Doing

While I love the idea of going natural with my food and even making homemade cleaners there are also some things I won’t be doing in my quest to become more natural.

  • Making my own laundry detergent – I won’t be making my own laundry detergent. This isn’t something that I want to do but on top of that it doesn’t seem like there’d be a big payoff. I’ll stick to Gain.
  • Making my own bread – I’m sticking to store bought now although I’d like to at least learn how to make my own bread.
  • Giving up my car – I know some people like to go extreme and give up their cars for a bike but for me this will NEVER happen. I live in the country (wouldn’t have it any other way) and if I gave up my car I’d be stranded.

Living a more natural lifestyle isn’t an all or nothing proposition. There are easy things that you can do that will help you simply your life and save money to boot.

Do you have any plans to live more naturally in 2015?


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