Ready to make some huge strides in your personal finances? Being positive will not only make you a happier person but can dramatically improve your finances. Here's how.As you may know by now I tend to get on little “kicks.” Basically, I find something in my life that I want to improve and that I think will indirectly affect all of the other areas in my life and then I go full force for a while trying to develop this into a long term habit.

Right now I’m working on developing a more positive attitude.

How Having a Positive Attitude Impacts Your Entire Life

Over the past months I feel like I’ve had some breakthroughs in my personal and professional life. Everything is going really smoothly right now. As I look back over the past few years I can finally see what was holding me back: confidence.

Aren’t being positive and having confidence two different things? Well, yes and no. While they are technically two different things being positive and looking for the silver linings in your life will help you to immensely grow your confidence. Or at least, it’s certainly helped me.

Let me give you some examples.

How Being Positive Helps You Earn More Money

While being more positive has had profound effects on my parenting, this is a money blog, so let me tell you how being positive helps you earn more money.

You’re able to control your stress – When you aim to look at everything with a good attitude you learn that you’re in control of your emotions. Just like being positive is a choice so is being stressed.

For instance, just a year ago I would have passed up on any job offerings that required to me have weekly conference calls with clients or manage a team via Skype. That’s just the nature of my personality – I’m extremely introverted. Jumping on calls with people I don’t know that well just made me nervous and I would, therefore, make myself sound like an idiot.

But I have made HUGE strides at that this year. Believe it or not I actually have a Skype conference set up tonight where I’ll be helping six team members! A year ago I would have hyperventilated at the thought of that and now these things have actually become fun.

That’s because I’ve looked at that silver lining, chose to have fun doing these things and connecting with other people, and have made the decision that I will not choose stress. This has lead to some pretty nice business income increases for me which will only improve as the year progresses.

You can make decisions based on facts and not emotions – Just in case you didn’t know I make my living by blogging and helping other professional bloggers with various tasks. (I’m a freelancer.) And as someone who puts my thoughts out on the internet I often get disagreeing viewpoints.

While I’m fine with the disagreeing viewpoints I’ve had more than my fair share of personal attacks. (What is up with that?!) Those type of things used to make me want to quit altogether. But when I started approaching facts (like one out of every 500 comments is super negative) instead of letting my emotions control me I learned to let that type of stuff roll off my shoulders without a second thought.

It’s pretty freeing to be able to control my emotions and do what *I* feel is best without worrying about what people who barely know me think. I find the more positive I keep my attitude the more objectively I can look at my income/business situation.

How Being Positive Helps You Save More Money

As far as being positive to save more money this can boil down to one major point: when you look at the good stuff in your life sacrificing becomes so much easier!

For instance, one of my goals this year is to save $20k to go towards a downpayment for a house. I want to buy my own property very badly. So it’s easier for me to say giving up a $5 movie, $20 pizza, or $50 visit to the mall is sooo worth it.

I know that the end result is what I’m going for and keeping a good attitude makes those sacrifices so easy!

I could go on and on about how staying positive will improve your life so if you feel like you’re being negative all the time or are just stuck in your personal life, personal finances, or career I want to really encourage you to give it a try!

Every time you start to think about how bad you have it instead focus on what you can do to improve your situation. Turn your thoughts around and your circumstances will vastly improve!

How has being positive impacted your life?

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