save money on clothesFor some people food isn’t the biggest budget buster, clothes are. I went through a period where I bought more clothes than I’d actually wear and spent too much money in the process.

Luckily that didn’t last too long. Now I keep my wardrobe at a minimum and look for ways to save when I do buy something new.

Here’s how to save a ton of money on clothes.

Shop Second Hand

By shopping second hand you can normally find higher quality clothes at a cheaper price. You can check thrift stores, consignment shops, yard sales, and even online consignment shops.

The downside to buying second hand is that it can require a ton of digging to find exactly what you want.

Combine Sales with Coupon Codes

My next favorite strategy is to combine sales with coupon codes. You can find amazing deals on clothing around the holidays and when the seasons start to change.

Pair a great sale with a coupon code for a place like Forever 21 or Nordstrom and you can land an amazing deal.

Use Hand Me Downs for Kids

If you have kids then it’s definitely a good idea to go the hand-me-down route as often as possible. You can also swap kids clothes with family members.

Since kids grow so fast there’s really no point in spending a ton of money on clothes.

So Many Ways to Save!

There is a way to save on literally everything you can imagine. Don’t settle for paying retail. If you do your digging, buy used or combine deals with coupon codes you can make your money stretch a whole lot further!

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