Don't let kid's clothing ruin your budget. These six tips keep my kids clothing budget at practically zero and they'll work for you too!Kids grow so fast that replacing shoes and clothes can be downright expensive. Fortunately, I’ve been able to work around this expense.

In fact, I spend so little on kids clothing for my four and six year old daughter’s that I don’t even include clothing in my budget. (For anyone in my family!)

Here’s how you can take your kid’s clothing budget to practically zero.

Ask for Clothes or Shoes as Gifts from Family Members

This is definitely the number one way I’m able to keep my clothing budget low.

For Christmas and Birthdays my Dad buys the girls each a couple outfits and a pair of shoes. My mom buys the girls at least one new outfit each month, and my Aunt is a deal hunter who brings me trash bags full of quality clothes from yard sales.

Ask family members to buy your kid’s stuff they actually need (hint: clothes and shoes) instead of toys that get played with for two days and then are tossed aside.

Earn Credits to Online Thrift Stores

One of my favorite online thrift stores, ThredUp, allows you to refer your friends and earn credits. When you refer a friend you get ten dollars to spend and your friend gets ten dollars to spend. It’s a win-win!

They have very high quality used clothing at awesome prices. I would highly recommend you check out this site if you’re into name brand clothing.

Sell Old Clothes to Buy New Clothes

To keep your clothing budget zeroed out simply sell the clothes that your kids have grown out of to fund new clothes purchases.

You can do well by selling similar clothing as a “lot” on Facebook Yard Sales. Then take the money you have earned and spend it at Yard Sales, Thrift Stores, or clearance racks.

Shop Yard Sales and Buy for the Whole Year

Depending on where you live Yard Sale season might only last for a couple of months. You need to take advantage!

Jot down a list of everything you need before heading out to bargain hunt. This way you’ll only get the stuff you need. And be sure to check out Yard Sales on Facebook as well. There are always great deal to be found.

Gladly Accept Hand Me Downs

If I have a friend or family member who offers to give me her kid’s old clothes I gladly accept! There’s no reason NOT to take hand me downs if they’re size appropriate.

As for my own kids my youngest is now in a bigger size shoe than the oldest so shoes and boots get handed down.

Be Intentional with What You Buy

It’s easy to want to go overboard when buying your kids clothes but it’s also completely unnecessary! Your kids don’t need a different outfit for everyday of the month. Invest in a few quality pieces and look for bargains on everything you buy.

If you follow these tips I’m confident you’ll be able to slash the amount you spend on kids clothing.

How do you save money on kids clothes?

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