Looking to make money from your clutter? Here are five places you can cash in your old items.As of today there are only two more days left until spring and I could not be more ready.

After I-don’t-know-how-many feet of snow this year, the white blankets on the ground are finally starting to melt off and the temperature is slowly but surely rising. (Fifty five degrees is feeling pretty darn good!) And if you’re anything like me this type of weather makes you go into spring cleaning mode.

Instead of throwing your old stuff in the trash I want to show you the five best ways you can spring clean and make money!

Sell Your Old Cellphones

As I was going through my belongings I found not one, not two, but three old cellphones that I no longer want or use. As I was about to toss them in trash I instead got the brilliant idea to try and cash them in.

I hopped online and found SellCell.com which is an online cell phone recycling comparison site. All you do is enter in the type of cell phone you have and Sell Cell will find the best price for you.

You can earn up to $128 per phone so it’s definitely worth it to stop and take a moment to see what you could get.

Sell Old Clothes on Facebook Yardsales

My biggest pile of stuff to get rid of is clothes. My old clothes and the girls old clothes are currently filling up three totes stashed away in the basement.

My plan is to now go through and find the top of the line items and sell them on Facebook Yard Sales. I’ll save the rest for our annual family yard sale for the sole fact that I don’t feel like separating and listing that many clothes online.

If you have nice or nearly new clothes to get rid of I would highly recommend you try and list them on Facebook Yard Sales. Items generally sell within a day (on mine anyways) and you can get more out of the clothes than you would at an old fashioned yard sale.

Sell Old Furniture on Craigslist

For large pieces of furniture like couches, chairs, appliances, and exercise equipment Craigslist is the place to be.

The downside of listing on Craigslist is the sheer volume of phone calls and texts you get after listing something. To avoid this make sure you are extremely thorough in your listing, provide photos, and leave alternate contact information if you don’t want so many phone calls.

Sell Your Old Computers and Tablets

Another thing I surprisingly still had was two old computers. Since they were inexpensive to begin with and need major repairs I really couldn’t get much for them and instead decided to just recycle them locally.

However, if you have newer, more expensive models that you no longer use or want for some reason, then it’s definitely worth your time to research online trade in programs.

Sell Old Books on Amazon

If you have old books, especially textbooks, selling on Amazon is the perfect solution. You can list the books and ship them in when they sell or you can use Amazon’s Trade In program and just get Amazon credit for your books.

Either option will put money back in your pocket.

How Much Will You Make?

It’s crazy to think that you can earn money by doing a little spring cleaning but the truth is you really can! There’s a website for almost everything in your house that you want to get rid of. So, if you think you have some valuable items do a quick internet search to see what you could get out of them.

Who knows, your spring cleaning could make you a few hundred dollars richer!

Have you started spring cleaning yet?

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