The good use of time is what can separate the successful from the unsuccessful. Use your time better with these tips for getting more done every day.We all have the same amount of hours in each day. So, how is it that some people seem to get so much done? The answer isn’t luck and those successful people don’t have super-human powers. (Although sometimes it does seem like that!)

In fact, getting A LOT more done can come down to a few little tweaks in your day. Here are seven tips for getting more done every single day.

# 1 – Plan Your Day in Advance

Sometimes the hardest part of productivity is just getting started.

By planning your day’s big “to-do’s” the night before there will be no guesswork when it comes to time to get to work. Every night before you go to bed make a list of the top 5-7 things you need to do the following day.

I used a notebook and pen to do this but an app or planner would work just as well.

# 2 – Do the Most Important First

When you start your day make sure that you’re working on your most important tasks first thing.

What’s going to make the biggest impact on your day? Do that. I love knowing that I have the most important thing done right from the start. It helps keep me going all day.

Another popular strategy that I’m also fond of is to start with the task you least like doing.

# 3 – Remove Facebook and Email From Your Phone

Facebook and email are HUGE time and productivity sucks. If you want to get more done you need to completely remove the temptations or else you’ll spend half your day glued to your phone.

I deleted my personal Facebook profile more than two years ago and I’ve never looked back. Now you don’t have to go that extreme if you don’t want to – simply remove Facebook and email from your phone and you’ll add a couple of extra hours to your day.

# 4 – Check Your Email Twice a Day

I was recently watching a video about productivity created by a successful entrepreneur. One of her tips for getting more done was only checking email twice a day.

While I haven’t managed to get to this frequency yet I have been checking my email less often and dealing with emails as soon as I open them rather than pushing them off for later. This strategy helps me keep my inbox with less than five emails at all times.

# 5 – Set a Designated Time to Relax During the Day

Have you ever been in the middle of crossing things off of your to-do list and then sat down for “just a minute.” That minute can often lead to an hour and leave you feeling defeated.

Designate a time each day that is just for you to relax and do whatever you please. Then when you’re in the middle of something hard and are tempted to take a break you can look forward to your designated time-off.

# 6 – Ask for Help

One of the biggest things I’ve done to get more done is to ask for help. There were areas of my life that just weren’t getting the attention they needed. To combat this I asked for help from family where applicable and hired help where I saw it would help me make a profit.

Evaluate everything you have going and make a list of things that you need help with. If you have a business or side hustle consider hiring help where it makes sense.

# 7 – Have Strong Goals

What is your reason for wanting to do more? In order to really stay on track and keep up the momentum with a positive attitude you need to have a really good reason for wanting to get more done every day.

Make sure there’s a solid goal behind what you’re doing.

Being more productive takes a little practice. Start experimenting with some of these ideas and figure out what works the best for your particular season of life.

What do you do to increase your productivity?

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