Trying to save money on your cell phone bill? Here's which cell phone service provider offers the best deal. You may be surprised!Have you seen the ridiculous cell phone commercials lately? It’s as if each cell phone company has to bash the others in order to get business.

To me, it seems pretty clear: there is SO much competition in the cell phone world right now that a little bit of research could save you a ton of money.

I decided compare the most popular cell phone plans to see the differences in pricing. Here were the results for 3GB plans (or the next plan up if 3GB wasn’t an option.)

Hopefully these prices will make it clear as to which cell phone service provider offers the best deal for you!

AT&T Service Costs – $75/Month

Right now because of where I live AT&T is the only service provider I can use. (Not having basic TV, Internet, and phone services seems to be the biggest downside to living in the middle of the woods!)

As an AT&T cell phone service customer I feel like I pay way too much money.

According to the AT&T website their 3GB smartphone plan will run you around $75/month.

(+taxes and fees)

Verizon Service Costs – $65/Month

Verizon’s cost come in slightly less than AT&T’s at $45 per month for 3GB (plus unlimited talk and text) PLUS an additional $20 per month per smartphone purchased on device plan.

(+taxes and fees)

Sprint – $70(ish)/Month

Sprint didn’t have a 3GB plan but if they did it looks like it would probably take the lead so far.

Sprint’s 4GB plan costs $50 per month plus a $20 access charge for a total of $70 before tacking on the taxes and fees.

T-Mobile ?

T-Mobile is looking to be the most expensive. Their 2GB plan is $50 per month and then you have to add on the device charge. While the other cell phone providers estimate this at $20/month there’s no estimate on T-Mobiles website which makes me think it might be more.

Prepaid Plans – $55 or Less Per Month

Let’s take a look at prepaid or pay-as-you-go plans which seem to have become big players over the past few years and don’t come with all of the hidden fees that regular contracts come with.

Republic Wireless – Republic Wireless is a great company and one I was happy to use when I lived in town. With Republic Wireless you can get 3GB of data for $55 per month. Plus they refund you for data you don’t’ use each month. The average refund on the 3GB plan is $24 making the cost of this plan much lower.

Straight Talk – Straight Talk offers great cell phone service options as well. For $45 per month you can get unlimited nationwide talk and 5GB of data at high speed. After the 5GB are used the speeds are lowered to 2G.

Net10 – Net10 is another company I used to use and love. They have a $50/month plan that offers 5GB of high speed data and unlimited talk and text.

What’s the Best Option?

The best option for cell phone service is hands down, the pay as you go plans. With these you will have to purchase a phone upfront but after that you’ll reap significant savings. Not to mention you’re not going to get hit with all of the hidden fees and taxes.

If you’re looking to save money on your cell phone bill going with a company like Republic Wireless or Straight Talk is your best bet.

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