Not making enough at your day job? Here are seven side hustles for full time employees. Set your own hours and do work you enjoy.If your full-time job isn’t bringing you enough money to pursue your financial goals there are things you can do on the side for extra money. The beauty of having a side hustle over a second part-time job is that you’re able to choose a money earner that interests you and to a large degree, set your own hours.

Ready to get started? Here are seven side hustles for full time employees.

Freelance Writing

My first ever side hustle that actually earned me money was freelance writing. My day job entailed of working as an insurance agent but I needed extra money to get ahead. I combined my love of writing with my insurance knowledge and found many paid writing opportunities.

If you’re interested in freelancing here’s how you can get started.

Junk Flipping

If you like hunting for treasures and can easily spot items with resale profit potential flipping used items is right up your alley.

You can shop yard sales and thrift stores and then resell the items on eBay, Craigslist or Facebook.

Dog Walking

Do you find yourself taking lots of walks on your days off work? If so you can turn your walks into a money maker by offering dog walking services.

Mystery Shopper

While mystery shopping isn’t going to make you rich you can earn extra money, products, meals and trips.

If you’re interested in becoming a mystery shopper check out the following companies to see if there are opportunities in your area:

Selling on Amazon FBA

Amazon has a program called Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) in which you can send in items you’d like to sell and Amazon will handle the shipping and customer service for a small fee. While you’d have to find inventory to get started you’d limit the amount of work you’d have to do by participating in Amazon FBA.

If you’re interested in learning more about FBA check out The Selling Family.

Uber/Lift Driver

If you have smartphone, driver’s license and a four door vehicle year 2006 or newer you can work as you want as an Uber Driver.

The amount you earn will highly depend on how many hours per week you’re willing to act as a taxi. The beauty of this system is that you choose your own hours and can easily do so through the use of an app.

Easy Online Side Hustles

If you’re looking for some even easier ways to earn extra money there are a countless number of things you can do online. None of the opportunities listed below will bring in a ton of money but a little time spent on them each week can really add up over the course of a year.

Cross Media Panel – Cross Media Panel is a company owned by Google that tracks internet usage. All you do is download the app to your computer or mobile devices once and you continually earn. If you download to three devices you’ll earn $162 over the course of a year.

National Consumer Panel – When you sign up for National Consumer Panel you’ll be sent a scanner to scan your grocery purchases each week. You then earn rewards for uploading your purchases which can be used to redeem prizes.

Swagbucks – Swagbucks is a site that rewards its user with points called SBs for doing things like playing games, taking surveys and using the Swagbucks search engine. These points can be redeemed for many prizes including Amazon gift cards and PayPal cash.

Inbox Dollars – Similar to Swagbucks, Inbox Dollars is a site that also rewards its users for reading emails, taking surveys and using the Inbox Dollars search engine. Users are rewarded in cash. A $30 balance must be accrued before requesting payout.

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If you currently work a full time job I’d love to know what type of side hustles have worked the best for you!

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