If you've been putting it off you need to stop! Here are six reasons you should get life insurance today! (Plus how to get a free quote from top companies.)This post is sponsored by SelectQuote. All opinions are my own.

Life insurance is one topic that can be tough to talk about. After all, nobody likes to think about dying. But the truth is everyone will die – it could be 50 years from now or it could come unexpected and tragically. We just don’t know.

As an adult thinking about the future and protecting your family is part of your responsibility, even when it comes to the less than comfortable topics.

If you’ve put off getting life insurance there are some very important reasons for you to do so sooner rather than later.

# 1 – Funerals Can Be Expensive

The average cost of a funeral is $7,000 – $10,000. If your family doesn’t have enough in savings to cover this cost it can be a huge financial and emotional burden on top of what they’re already going through.

If you’re in good health getting enough life insurance coverage to pay for a funeral is pretty inexpensive and will mean a great deal to your family.

# 2 – So Your Spouse Can Survive Financially

If you’re married your death will have the biggest impact on your immediate family and especially your spouse. Without life insurance money will your spouse be able to cover your current living expenses?

If not, you need to get enough coverage to replace your income for several years. Likewise, if you depend on your spouse financially you should both obtain proper coverage.

# 3 – To Help Your Children

If you’re a parent I’m sure this reason speaks to your heart. If you plan on sending your kids to college, buying them their first vehicle or helping them pay for their wedding, life insurance money can help if something happens to you.

# 4 – To Pay Off Debt

In addition to helping your spouse pay basic living expenses you also need to consider your debt load. If you have debt (including a mortgage) you should take out enough coverage to cover all of it.

# 5 – Because You May Not be Able to Get Coverage in the Future

Unfortunately we can’t predict the future. You might be healthy now and able to easily obtain a life insurance policy but what if you’re stricken with a major illness in the future?

Undoubtedly, if you do fall sick in the future protecting your family with insurance will come to mind. However, at this point it’s likely that you won’t qualify for coverage and if you do the rates could be astronomical.

It’s much safer and cheaper to secure life insurance while you’re in good health now. You just can’t predict whether you’ll be able to get coverage down the line.

# 6 – For Peace of Mind

Taking out a life insurance policy is something you spend a little bit of time on now and won’t have to worry about for up to thirty years. Even though you won’t have to think about life insurance anymore, you’ll have it! You and your family will have the peace of mind that comes with being covered.

Life insurance isn’t a gamble. Instead it’s a way to provide security to your loved ones.

How to Get a Free Life Insurance Quote

If you’ve put off getting life insurance because you think it’s too complicated rest assured that it doesn’t have to be. We’ve partnered with SelectQuote to show you how easy getting a life insurance quote can be.

SelectQuote works with some of the top insurance companies in the country to provide high quality term life insurance.

If you’re struggling to figure out how much life insurance you should get quoted for here’s a general rule of thumb you can follow:

Your Debt Load + Ten Years of Your Income + Financial Goals (Kid’s College, etc.)

Adjust these numbers as you see fit. For instance, if you have a high savings rate and low cost of living you might feel the need to get less coverage. If you have a spouse who doesn’t work outside the home and young kids you may feel the need to get more coverage. Customize your quote to fit your family’s needs.

Once you have your numbers figured out you can get a free quote from top insurance companies by filling out a short questionnaire here.

After you fill out the questionnaire a representative from SelectQuote will call you within 24 hours and go over your quotes. From there you’ll have the ability to start the process of getting a policy if that’s what you wish to do. (Remember, the quotes are free and do not bind you to anything.)

If you don’t have life insurance now is the time to get it. Don’t put it off any longer! Go ahead, request your free quote and get this important part of your financial life squared away today.

Do you have adequate life insurance coverage?

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