If you’re ready for a productive year with less stress, more fun and more productivity it’s time to simplify your life. Here's how.If you’re ready for a productive year with less stress, more fun and more productivity it’s time to simplify. At its core simplifying your life is getting rid of all the clutter and focusing on the things that matter the most.

While a simple life will look different for every person there are some basic steps everyone can take to simplify life this year.

# 1 – Cut Down on the Clutter

There’s nothing more stressful than coming home to a house full of clutter day after day. If you want to simplify and instantly boost your mental clarity you need to focus on cutting down the clutter.

Getting rid of the items you don’t need and carefully organizing what you do keep will have many positive effects on your life. I’ve personally found that living with less clutter helps me have a clearer mind, saves me money and reduces stress.

# 2 – Establish a Spending Plan

Another big cause of daily stress is finances. It’s no secret that as a nation the US is bad with money. In fact, the average credit card debt per household is over $16,000!!!!! That is a lot.

Money is one area where it really pays to get organized. Make a spending plan and start digging your way out of debt if necessary. If you don’t have debt establish an alternative financial goal.

# 4 – Focus on Your Goals

Speaking of goals, one way to simplify your life is to keep your focus on what really matters. When you do this everything else will fall into the background.

Sit down and create powerful, meaningful goals in each important area of your life. Keep a list of these goals with you at all times. If you fall off track with your goals dust yourself off and get back at it.

# 5 – Say “No” More

If you’re like me you have a tendency to say yes a little bit more than you should. And it can be draining.

About a year and a half ago I decided to say no more by getting rid of all the work commitments I hated. (I’m a freelancer so I may have a little more wiggle room in this area.) I worked up the courage and pared down my work to only the stuff I wanted to be doing.

While it seemed scary at the time I am so glad I paid more attention to what was good for me instead of always trying to do what was good for others. Being able to say no has allowed me to free up room in my life for the things I want to be focused on.

If you normally say yes all of the time pick an area you’re overworked in and start saying No. If that seems scary start small and work your way up.

# 6 – Be Intentional With Your Time

Speaking of time, how are you managing yours?

If you want to simplify your life this year start removing the unnecessary from your calendar and making room the things that are truly important for you and your family.

# 7 – Get Rid of Facebook

Ready to stop the social comparison trap? You need to get rid of Facebook.

While this might seem like the most drastic item on the list it could end being one of the most beneficial. Do a quick Google search on the effects of Facebook and you’ll see the negatives pile up. Facebook can lead to envy among friends, keep you in touch with people who are actually bad for you, lead to jealousy among partners and depression.

If you think you need to Facebook in order to keep up with all of your friends, you’re wrong. Your real friends, the ones who matter, will keep up with you regardless of whether or not you’re on Facebook.

If getting rid of Facebook altogether seems preposterous try going just one month without it and see how you feel.

Start Simple

If you want to make this year a great one start by cutting all of the unnecessary out of your life so you have more room for what truly matters. While this process isn’t one that will happen overnight it is one that can dramatically transform the way you live the rest of your life.

Will you be simplifying your life this year?

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