Bringing in a higher income is not that difficult. Here's how to earn more money this month. (An idea for all types of personalities!)Need to earn more money this month?

Whether you’ve had an unexpected bill come up, are saving for something special or are just looking to increase your income, there are plenty of things you can do.

Earning more money is actually not that difficult if you’re willing to put in the time to figure out what works best. Here are some great options for how to earn more money this month.

Work More Hours at Your Current Job

Cliché, right? Maybe so, but there’s a reason for that! One of the simplest ways to earn more money is to simply work more hours.

If you want to get more out of your current job you’ll have to either pick up some extra hours or ask for a raise. If you’ve not had a raise in a long time and feel that you deserve one then it could be time to approach your boss.

Here’s a great article from Harvard Business Review on how to ask for a raise.

Do Odd Jobs Locally

Next on the list is to see what kind of jobs you can do locally. This could be anything from hauling old furniture to a dump site if you have a truck, painting somebody’s house, babysitting, landscaping, or whatever else fits in with your skillset and schedule.

There are so many different services you can offer to earn extra money. Nobody knows your town like you do so match up your skills with a need.

Go Online and Do These Things

Would you rather earn some extra money online instead of doing jobs locally? (If so, I don’t blame you!)

There are many, many things you can do to earn money online. If you’re looking to earn what would equate to a full-time salary I recommend that you do some type of freelancing.

If you’re just looking to make a little extra cash you can try out these ideas:

Test Websites – You can earn $10 for twenty minute tests at place like User Testing and Enroll.

Take Surveys – Surveys won’t make you rich but they are an easy and flexible way to help earn a little pocket change.

Become a Search Engine Evaluator – You can sign up with a company like Leapforce to become a search engine evaluator. Pay starts at around $10 per hour and there are no set hours you’re required to work.

Sign Up with MTurk – Mturk is a site owned by Amazon that allows business owners and others needing help to hire independent contractors to do micro tasks. Many of the takes only take a few minutes to do and there are not set hours.

Download Money Making Apps – Another way to earn some money when you have the time is through the use of money making apps. Some popular ones are Ibotta and also the survey apps which you can find from the link above.

Sell Some of Your Old Stuff

Since we’re now in spring there’s a good chance you’ve got some spring cleaning going on in your home. If that’s the case start making a pile of all the quality items that you have that can be sold.

List big pieces of furniture on Craigslist and clothing and other odds and ends on Facebook Yardsales. If you end up with a ton of things you could even consider hosting an old-fashioned yard sale at your house.

Drive for Uber

If you have driver’s license, are at least 21, and have a four door vehicle year 2001 or newer that is in good condition, you can become an Uber driver.

This is a good side hustle if you live in a densely populated area. Uber drivers can choose when they want to work and earn an average of around $10 per hour. (You certainly could earn more depending on where you live.)

Work on Passive Income, Too

While you’re working on earning more money don’t forget about passive income too.

Passive income happens when you put your money to work for you. Here are some passive income ideas to get you started.

Barely Scratching the Surface

If you’re in need of extra money go ahead and give a few of these ideas a try. It may take a couple times to figure out what works or you may enjoy doing a combination of a few of these things. The bottom line is that you’ll never know until you try!

What kind of things have you done to earn more money in a month?

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