A System of Ritual Practices for Money

Here at the CultOfMoney, we adhere to the original meaning of the word cult.  That being a set or system of ritual practices.  These practices are centered around money such that you can have the money that you need and want, have positive experiences in life, and help others.  The broad tenets that we follow are here:

  • Money is a tool and method of exchange, so spend money on the things you are devoted to without guilt, as they are a source of happiness in your life.
  • Save money religiously on the things in life where you derive no benefit or happiness.
  • Everything has a trade-off, so think, consider, and then decide wisely.
  • Earn money and create wealth through hard work, ingenuity, and intelligence.  Increase you earnings by trading off something else you value less.
  • Focus on saving money in your largest expenses, and investing in yourself to earn more income.  It’s easier to earn a million than save a million.
  • Incentives change behavior, so create and use incentives to derive the desired actions and behavior.
  • Take full advantage of all legal opportunities to save on taxes.
  • Automate as many aspects of your finances as you can.  This includes your savings, retirement, investments, and bill paying.
  • You are the average of the people you spend the most time with.  Consider this and your friends.

These ritual practices will expand over time, and will doubtlessly evolve over time.  I would love to hear your feedback on these practices.  Share your own.